The Perfect Perfumes For You, Based On Your Vibe

We dress according to our vibe, so why not choose our signature scent the same way?

By Renée Walton4 min read
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Having a signature scent is a must for anyone wanting to create a lasting impression. But with so many options on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin. Use this guide to match your vibe to our favorite fragrances and take the guesswork out of the perfume aisle. 

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If Your Vibe Is Sweet

Friends describe you as bubbly, easygoing, and genuine. You’re sugar and spice and everything nice, so shouldn’t you smell like it, too? These signature scents are perfectly blended to encapsulate your feminine sweetness without leaving you smelling like a candy store. 

Ellis Brooklyn SWEET, $110 

With its daffodil-colored bottle and sweet, playful fragrance notes (think pear and marshmallow), Ellis Brooklyn SWEET is basically spring in a bottle. 

Burberry Her, $135 

Burberry Her is an addictive blend of lush berries, delicate florals, and powdery amber – what could be more feminine?  

Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet, $101 

One look at Daisy Love’s pink, daisy-topped bottle and you know: This one’s for the girly girls. And with notes of sparkling white raspberries, soft florals, and delicate musk, people will be craving your scent like a sugar addiction they just can’t kick.

By Rosie Jane Dulce, $75 

According to the description, Rosie Jane Dulce is “inspired by good times, innocence, and the sweeter things in life.” The warm gourmand fragrance features notes of chocolate, vanilla, and hinoki wood, making it reminiscent of a sweet ice cream treat on a hot summer day. 

Arielle Shoshana Friday, $175 

Arielle Shoshana’s Friday encapsulates the optimism of that end-of-the-workweek feeling with notes of honeysuckle, grapefruit blossom, and crushed leaves. Because let’s face it – is there any day of the week sweeter than Friday? 

Skylar Boardwalk Delight, $90 

Embrace your inner child and reminisce on a summer day down by the boardwalk. With notes of vanilla, coconut milk, and cotton candy, Skylar’s youthful fragrance will keep you coming back for more. 

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey, $85 

If your ideal Saturday morning involves strolling the booths of your local farmer’s market, then Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey was made for you. Bursting with succulent nectarine and addictive acacia honey, it’s a fruity floral scent that’s perfect for warm weather months. 

Viktor & Rolf BONBON, $80 

Sweet caramel notes mix with effervescent citrus for a fragrance that’s soft and fresh. And if the sweet and creamy fragrance notes aren’t a clue to how feminine and playful BONBON is, its bow-shaped magenta bottle is a clear giveaway. 

If Your Vibe Is Sexy

Every woman needs a fragrance in her arsenal that makes her feel irresistible. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect date night scent or you want to embrace your sultry side during the daytime, you can’t go wrong with these alluring picks. Think warm florals, amber, and musk. 

Narciso Rodriguez For Her, $118 

Parisian girls adore Narciso Rodriguez For Her, and it’s easy to see why. A rose-forward fragrance that’s balanced with notes of peach, soft amber, and wood, For Her is glamorous, feminine, and alluring. In other words, perfect for date night. 

Orchid + Ash IDYLL, $78

With its warm, sultry notes of vanilla and musk, Orchid + Ash IDYLL might just be your new go-to fragrance for a night out. And the brand is 100% non-toxic for all the hormone-balancing babes out there, so you can spritz away, worry free. 

Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud, $160 

Caution: Compliments ahead. The description for Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose and Oud praises this classic floral blend as “magnetic, yummy, and decadent.” Sign us up!

Olivine Atelier Hazel Moon, $64 

If your idea of sexy is a black leather jacket and a boy with a guitar, then Hazel Moon was made for you. The fragrance is a blend of earthy patchouli, vanilla, and musk for a scent that’s sensual in a Seattle grunge kind of way.  

Versace Crystal Noir, $92 

Is there anything more alluring than a warm floral fragrance? Versace’s blend of ginger, gardenia, and amber is warm, spicy, and floral all at once, making it a perfectly feminine signature scent. 

Replica On a Date, $85 

With notes of jammy black currant, sensual rose, and earthy patchouli, Replica’s On a Date is inspired by a summer evening on a vineyard in Provence. Can you imagine anything more romantic?  

If Your Vibe Is Clean 

If the words fresh, dynamic, and bright describe you, then you’ll love fragrances that exude cleanliness. Think beachy smells like sea salt and coconut, or citrusy bergamot and grapefruit. Best of all, a classic, clean fragrance is appropriate any time of day, so you can truly embrace the simplicity of having one signature scent.  

Henry Rose Windows Down, $120

According to perfumer Celine Barel, "Windows Down was created during the pandemic to convey a sense of freedom, brightness, happiness, and the togetherness we were craving. It was an open window to a carefree world that had suddenly paused.” And with notes of bright citrus balanced with jasmine and neroli, it’s easy to see why Windows Down has developed something of a cult following. 

Maison Louis Marie No. 13 Nouvelle Vague, $65 

Inspired by spring on the Italian coast, Nouvelle Vague is a fresh blend of coconut, Tuscan fig, and amber that feels “chic, warm, and renewing.” Just like spring should be!

Replica Beach Walk, $85

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves salty hair, sandy toes, and a swimsuit that fits you just right, you need to try Replica Beach Walk. With notes of bergamot, heliotrope, and coconut milk, it’s a beach vacation in a bottle. 

CLEAN Warm Cotton, $74

There’s no scent more comforting than freshly laundered linens sun-drying on a clothesline. CLEAN captures this fragrance with notes of bergamot, peony, and amber for a scent that’s familiar, refreshing, and light enough for daily wear. 

Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche, $113 

Bright, sparkling, and citrusy, Chanel Chance Eau Fraiche is like a burst of energy. Featuring notes of citron, jasmine, and teakwood, it’s the perfect blend for any day of the week. 

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, $98

It’s a classic for a reason. Clean aesthetic girls can never go wrong with Dolce & Gabbana’s iconic blend of citrus, apple, and bamboo that’s inspired by a summer day in Capri. 

Olivine Atelier Blue Moon, $64

Reminiscent of summer nights and carefree days, Blue Moon features notes of pikake (a form of jasmine), sea mist, cucumber, and clean musk for a scent that’s fresh and invigorating. It’s a must-try for anyone searching for a new summer fragrance. 

Closing Thoughts

Next time you’re looking for a new go-to personal scent, make a mental list of which fragrance notes feel most “you.” After all, the fragrances we wear can say a lot to the world – so shouldn’t yours reflect your personality?

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