The Fashion Essentials Our Editors Are Buying On Amazon This Spring

From the wardrobe staples we wear daily to the new arrivals we’re eyeing for this season, here are 35 items Evie Editors are buying on Amazon.

By Anna Hartman1 min read
Pexels/Eko Agalarov

One thing that has been requested time and time again from our lovely Evie readers is more affordable and accessible shopping recommendations – something we can certainly get behind in a Bideninflated economy such as this one. While we try our best to support small brands and businesses, we do recognize that sometimes a girl just needs a cute dress under $50 – and fast. That’s where Amazon comes in. 

We’d be liars if we proclaimed that we never shop on the most popular (and convenient) network available in today’s modern age. Certainly, there are things we wouldn’t recommend buying on Amazon – like, perhaps, your wedding dress that should be purposefully picked out and may be kept as a memento for your future children long after you're gone. However, we don’t deny finding some really great steals on Amazon for everyday items. Not only are some of our favorite brands actually on Amazon themselves (making it a breeze for checkout and free shipping if you have Prime), but there are also a ton of highly-rated dupes for some of our most sought-after high-end pieces we can’t justify splurging on at the moment.

So, what exactly does our Evie team have in their shopping carts, specifically for fashion, this spring? Let’s take a look. 

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