The Cutest Swim Dresses For Summer

Imagine a girl who loves dresses so much she’d wear one in the pool. That’s us.

By Anna Hartman1 min read

Want to give “girl next door” instead of OnlyFans vibes this swimsuit season? An ultra-feminine swim dress may just be the best way to make that happen. It seems that the fabric on the most popular swimsuits dwindles year after year, leaving the equivalent of our tooth floss covering our backsides at this point. While some may find that less is more, we beg to differ. Not to mention, our in-laws and our kids’ swim instructors don’t need to be subjected to watching us pick out our wedgie or adjusting our top for the hundredth time while climbing up the ladder. 

If a swim dress is more of what you’re imagining for this summer’s aesthetic, we’ve got just what you need. Swim dresses don’t need to look like something your grandma would wear to her afternoon aerobics class. We scoured the internet for the cutest swim dresses for the feminine girlies in our life (a.k.a. you). Let’s start shopping! 

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