Love Balletcore? Here Are 61 Pieces To Pirouette Into Spring

Want your spring wardrobe to be on pointe this season? Chassé your way into an ultra-feminine capsule wardrobe with some balletcore style essentials.

By Anna Hartman1 min read
Urban Outfitters

We’ve got news for all the girly girls who grew up either in a ballet studio or admired the graceful nature of ballerinas and always longed to be one: Similar to quiet luxury, balletcore isn’t going anywhere in 2024. In fact, bow details, ballet flats, and feminine fabrics like tulle and lace are only ramping up to take over the closets of “it girls” everywhere this spring.

Whether you’re an experienced ballerina and are looking for a few ways to help your practice uniform translate into streetwear, or you’re simply looking to borrow a bit of the sophistication of your favorite dancers, we’ve got you covered with 61 pieces you need to pirouette into spring. 

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