Justin Bieber’s Most Unhinged And Iconic Instagram Posts, Ranked

Although his social media footprint has matured with age, Justin Bieber’s early Instagram account featured countless unfiltered, candid posts that have fans chuckling and scratching their heads still to this day.

By Caitlin Shaw2 min read
Getty Images/Matt Winkelmeyer

If you click on Justin Bieber’s Instagram now, you’ll likely see videos of him performing to a crowd, cute selfies with his wife Hailey, and some thought-provoking quotes or snippets of religious scripture. But Bieber’s Instagram feed was not always so predictable and straightforward. 

Justin Bieber became famous around 2009, and Instagram launched in 2010. The young pop star was one of the first celebrities to use Instagram as he opened an account in July 2011. Since the application was still in its preliminary stages and the server couldn’t support the high traffic that it now can, whenever Bieber shared a post and his fans rushed to double tap, Instagram would crash. That’s right, Justin Bieber has actually “broken” Instagram on multiple occasions.

Bieber has long used social media to not only show followers the behind-the-scenes action of his life, but also to share important messages and updates. In 2017, when the popstar was unable to finish his Purpose tour due to his mental health struggles, he let the fans know why in an Instagram post. Later, in 2022, the star informed his followers of his rare health condition, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, through again, an Instagram post.

But before he used the app for public service announcements or sharing parts of his life, Bieber used Instagram like any young teenager used a new social media platform. He posted memes, random thoughts, jokes, crazy photoshopped images, and more. 

We’ve compiled a list of Justin Bieber’s 20 most unhinged, yet iconic Instagram posts for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

19. Justin captioned this photoshopped picture, “Don't know why this made me laugh.” Don’t worry, it makes us laugh too, Justin. 

18. Even Justin Bieber found himself bored in the house during the 2020 lockdown and filmed himself participating in TikTok trends.

17. We all love a little photoshop, Justin Bieber included! Justin shared this photoshopped meme in January 2020.

16. Justin posted this photoshopped picture in July 2016 without comment. I guess because collies and watermelons make so much sense together? 

15. Justin posted this Canada goose in October 2012, saying, “He's Canadian like me.”

14. Exploring his feminine side? Justin shared this photoshopped picture of himself, again without comment, in May 2017.

13. Ah, 2016, when Pokemon Go was all the rage. But Hailey was the only one to catch the Pikabieber!

12. Why, of all bitmojis to post online, was this the one Justin chose? Justin used this “attention grabbing” post to promote his emoji app in June 2016.

11. We’re not quite sure what the point of this one is? Other than Justin apparently thought his “feet on fleek.”

10. Because every last one of Bieber’s millions of followers wants to see a dead bug on a windshield…LOL. He captioned this post “#buslife Samsung photo.” Maybe he thought he was being ironic or artsy…?

9. “If they brought this out to u would u eat it?” Justin asked. Hey, we can’t fault him for asking! 

8. Did you know Justin Bieber has an owl tattoo? Do you know why he has an owl tattoo? “This is why I got my owl tat lol,” he posted in October 2012. How candid of him. 

7. No words for this one. And apparently, Justin had few words too, commenting, “Who does that.”

6. Even celebrities enjoy bathroom humor. Justin clearly thought this was amusing, captioning it with “Keep it clean haha.”

5. At first glance, this post seems ordinary. Until you read the caption: "Can I have your number please" - Justin "Nah" - Rihanna

4. This may be his most hilariously relatable content so far! We all know the caffeine rush of an iced coffee.

3. Proving the haters wrong. Justin wrote, “To those of u who tell me not to sag my pants. Double think that.”

2. “U can see my nips if u look close.” What a caption… 

1.  Roasting himself online for his DUI charge takes the cake as the most iconic yet unhinged post that Bieber has shared to his Instagram. He wrote, “I LOVE THIS because it reminds me IM NOT EXACTLY WHERE I WANT TO BE BUT THANK GOD IM NOT WHERE I USED TO BE!! THE BEST IS YET TO COME DO YOU BELIEVE IT?” in April 2017.

Closing Thoughts

After seeing all of his old unhinged posts, it almost doesn’t seem like Justin Bieber is a global pop star. He seems quirky and weird, just like the rest of us! Perhaps this is partially why he used to behave this way on social media – to show his fans that he’s just a normal guy. 

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