J.K. Rowling Says Male Crossdressers Are "One Of The Most Pandered-To Demographics In Existence"

J.K. Rowling says "women are under no obligation to applaud" the men caricaturing us.

By Meredith Evans2 min read
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Womanhood is not a costume, and J.K. Rowling agrees.

The Harry Potter author continues to stand up for women even though she's been accosted, mocked, and harassed for it.

On May 11, an X account shared an image of a trans referee named Lucy Clark, dressed in a uniform and wearing a black wig. Rowling took notice of the photo, writing, "When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle-aged blokes, so it's fantastic to see how much things have changed."

Days later, The Daily Mail shared a photo of a biological male in a wig with the headline, "JK Rowling is accused of cruelty as she mocks transgender football manager by comparing her to a 'straight, white, middle-aged bloke.'"

Note how they said Rowling compared the biological male to a middle-aged bloke when that is exactly what he is. He's just a dude in a wig. That does not make him a woman; it just makes him a cross-dresser, and by affirming his delusions, people are essentially reducing women to their clothes.

Rowling quote-tweeted the post on X to correct the headline, writing, "I didn't compare him to one. He IS one." Her statement received nearly 30 million views, over 400,000 likes, and thousands of comments from people showing their support. Others disagreed, of course, even claiming that Rowling is currently at her "downfall." (Because clearly, having a net worth of $1 billion is the epitome of rock bottom.)

Following some of the backlash she received, Rowling doubled down on the platform, saying, "Calling a man a man is not 'bullying' or 'punching down.' Crossdressing straight men are currently one of the most pandered-to demographics in existence, and women are under no obligation to applaud the people caricaturing us." It's true; we've witnessed these men get lauded by everyone, the media even, while women are silenced for speaking out about their erasure.

Rowling continues to hit back at her detractors in the comment section. "Just call people what they want to be called. It’s basic decency," wrote Jonathan Chait, a writer for New York magazine.

"Stop telling women what they're allowed to say, Jonathan," Rowling responded. "It's basic decency."

Another man going by Miffy (@miffythegamer) said, "A billionaire with a massive platform who plucks someone out of relative obscurity, who's just quietly getting on with their life (and who by all accounts is well regarded), simply to mock their very existence to their 14m followers for the sh*ts and giggles is bullying."

Again, Rowling did not disappoint with her response. "Publicity-hungry men who declare themselves lesbians, go on TV to tell female athletes they 'need to be careful' about what they say, advocate for males' inclusion in women's sport and send women abuse for standing up for their rights aren't 'quietly getting on with their life,'" she tweeted.

Oh, Rowling. They could never make me hate you.

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