If Your Man Were A Dog, Which Breed Would He Be?

Ever find yourself evaluating the peculiar similarities between your man and man’s best friend? While it might seem like a whimsical comparison, exploring the world of canine breeds can reveal surprising insights into human personality relationships. From loyal companions to playful pups, we’ve decided to match common male archetypes to their four-legged counterparts.

By Anna Hugoboom4 min read
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We all know that every dog seems to have its own unique personality, and some people just click with certain breeds more than others. You might say “not all dogs are created equal,” but I think it’s a type of chemistry, a bond of similar characteristics that resonate between human and canine. 

The “Golden Retriever boyfriendtrend on TikTok painted entertaining comparisons between guys and their hypothetical canine twin. The golden retriever boyfriend hashtag has already raked in over 4 million views and is full of girls showing off their sweet, supportive, cuddly, affectionate, and loveable boyfriends. 

However, some thought this description was basic, made the guys look like effeminate gamer boys, and seemed to set a low bar for men in relationships. Others complained that there are good guys out there who don’t have that fun and cuddly personality but who have other great qualities.

So, this kicked off a response regarding those men left out of the golden retriever category. Wives started to compare their husbands to more imposing dogs like the German Shepherd, with strong personality traits, quiet loyalty, masculine strength, and assertive energy. The thing is, there aren’t just two types of men any more than there are two types of dogs. 

Man and Man’s Best Friend

Now, we definitely won’t go into all the different Myers Briggs personality types or the countless dog breeds, but there are a few archetypal or primary temperaments we will focus on. Some guys – like dogs – are more adventurous and take the initiative. Others are loyal or fiercely protective. Still others are cuddly, chill, happy-go-lucky, laidback, and outgoing. Some are active in pursuing new projects and skills, while others are consistent and steady in a routine. And still yet others are a mix of all the above! 

So, if your man were a dog, what kind would he be? This doesn’t necessarily mean “what kind of dog he likes most,” or “If he bought a dog, what breed would he want?” But it might! Birds of a feather flock together, and your man is probably not going to want a dog whose personality doesn’t vibe with his own. Dogs and their owners must be able to bond.

So, let’s go over some of the most popular breeds that decidedly have unique personality features and we’ll compare their top characteristics. 

Golden Retriever

Of course, we’ll start with the trending breed. The Golden Retriever's personality traits include friendly, happy, energetic, intelligent, calm, loyal, and good with children. This dog is very affectionate and engaging, is always happy to spend time with its owner(s), and knows how to be calm as well as energetic. 

Golden Retriever energy in a man looks like this: If he gets separated from you (whether for a trip or just in the grocery store) and then sees you, his face lights up with a smile or maybe even a full-on grin. He’s very affectionate and affirming, has high energy, loves to cuddle, enjoys being around kids, and is often the happy-go-lucky kind of guy who knows how to be chill. 

When I think of the physical traits of the Golden Retriever dude, I think blonde (obviously) and fair-skinned. Some naturally blonde male celebrities I would match with the Golden Retriever look are Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Ryan Gosling, and Alex Pettyfer.

German Shepherd

Besides a strong physique and good looks, the German Shepherd temperament includes loyalty, obedience, and intelligence. They are also courageous, fearless, strong, energetic, and protective. Their high energy makes them great work dogs and good companions for fitness people. 

If your man is checking the loyal, intelligent, energetic, protective, courageous, and fearless boxes, he’s probably a German Shepherd (and sure, maybe he’s on the taller and handsomer side too, why not?). These guys can be territorial and like quality over quantity in their people relationships. They lean introverted and don’t like being told what to do by the average Joe. If yours is a hardworking leader who takes the initiative, expects cooperation and teamwork, and gives undying loyalty with a protective and fierce love, then you’ve got yourself a German Shepherd man!

Celebrity examples of the German Shepherd look include Theo James and Chris Hemsworth. 


The Instagram “It” dog with what some might call a Napoleon complex, the Corgi is simply a dog of great character with short legs. Many think this breed is just an adorable ball of fur, but the Corgi personality and temperament are complex. Traits include herding instincts, playfulness, loyalty, intelligence, and persistence, and they might be needy, especially regarding stimulation and mental challenges. 

If your man is a Corgi, he probably has a big personality. He might be energetic, organized, outgoing, friendly, smart, loyal, and persistent in his desire for attention and quality time. He takes himself seriously and expects the same from others, but he also has a good sense of humor and can laugh at himself.

Celebrity examples of the Corgi-man look include Billy Boyd, Adam Sandler, and Ben Stiller.


Poodles always seem to be the rich people’s choice of pet – they’re regarded as simply posh and decorative. But the personality is not superfluous. Poodles are quick, intelligent, easily adaptable, peaceful, and friendly, while slightly high maintenance. They need regular exercise, grooming, and companionship. They are athletic and do well with obstacle course training and jumping. They are also obedient and easy to train

If a man were a Poodle, he might be smart, intuitive, mentally quick, agile, friendly, adaptable, and likes to be well-dressed and groomed with tasteful style. He’s not a couch potato but rather needs daily movement and enjoys athletic pursuits. He doesn’t like to appear sloppy, either – he’s mindful and deliberate in speech as well as appearance. He likes quality time and might emphasize togetherness and teamwork in a relationship. 

Male celebrity examples of a Poodle look include Benedict Cumberbatch, Will Ferrell, and Eddie Murphy.


The bulldog is a unique creature. Certain qualities are consistent across every bulldog variety, regardless of whether it’s a French, English, or American breed. Bulldogs are extremely protective (often trained as guard dogs due to their intimidating face and personality), stocky, strong, fast, and very loyal. Most dogs are loyal, but the bulldog is stubborn and territorial in its loyalty. They are also more introverted and closed off toward new people and animals – with this comes aggression toward strangers. It can be difficult to teach them new things.

The bulldog man may be stubborn (there is literally the saying “stubborn as a bulldog”), but he is strong in his beliefs and solid to his core. He won’t back down from a fight or a protective defense of his principles or loved ones. He is fiercely loyal and loves deeply and affectionately, even if other times he seems very stalwart and stoic. He is probably introverted and doesn’t need lots of friends besides his one or two close buddies. He’s territorial with his people and his things and doesn’t like when someone new tries to push in uninvited or unwanted. He’s more street savvy than academic, more into heavy lifting than cardio, and he is a foodie who enjoys his meals! 

Celebrity examples of the bulldog look include Jack Black, Ice Cube, and Leonardo DiCaprio. 

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