If You’re Into Anal, You’re An NPC

Anal sex is a ubiquitous sexual pastime for many people in modernity. Chances are, if you’re sexually involved with any one person at some point, they have professed to you their proclivity to proudly engage in anal sex.

By Jenny White4 min read
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Anal sex is being promoted at every turn, especially in pornography. It’s become so widespread and universally accepted among the masses that if you’re a person like myself who doesn’t engage in it, and you’re vocal about your revulsion and apprehension towards it, you will be met with your fair share of shaming. 

In my prior editorial for Evie entitled, “People Who Like Kinky Sex Are Just Bad in Bed,” I exposed at length the numerous problems with anal sex concerning women who engage in it as they can suffer injury and bodily harm. And on Evie’s very own Instagram page, where they recirculated the piece two years later, I had scores of people deriding me as a “prude” and insisting I have “boring sex.”

You’re alleged to be a starfish or a “dead lay" if you don’t enjoy having penises and various sexual devices placed inside your anal cavity. Think about that for a moment. A person who prefers more straightforward penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse just isn’t that great of a specimen in bed. Which is the biggest modern fable ever sold to the NPC masses, if there ever was one.

There’s a nefarious agenda behind the sweeping advertisement of anal sex. And the people who allow themselves to be duped and ensnared by it remind me of NPC characters. They don’t even think to question its harmful effects or the deleterious agenda itself being promoted.

Are people who claim to enjoy anal being duped and brainwashed by the mass media apparatus, and even state education? You can very much conclude they quite possibly are. Here’s why.

Why Is Anal Sex So Popular? 

According to the Fight the New Drug organization, which continues to speak out against porn use and its devastating effects on men and society, there is an agenda at play behind the promotion of anal sex. The organization wrote in 2014: "Anal sex is increasingly prevalent among young people, yet anal intercourse between men and women – although commonly depicted in sexually explicit media – is usually absent from mainstream sexuality education and seems unmentionable in many social contexts. Surveys suggest that young men and women – and older adults – are engaging in anal intercourse more than ever before.”

The above was written nearly a decade ago. In September 2022, the news broke that anal sex was being promoted to middle school-aged children as part of their sex ed class. Fox News reported: “New state-wide sex ed standards in New Jersey teach students as young as 13 years old about anal sex and their pregnancy options, and school districts that fail to comply could face ‘disciplinary action,’ or even a loss of funding. ... Amid concern from parents and school districts, the state Department of Education has warned that schools who fail to implement the new standards may face discipline.”

Teachers and school administrators are being actively coerced with disciplinary action if they refuse to teach children about anal sex in schools. Why are teachers in K-12 education being forced to indoctrinate children on anal sex?

Sounds very much like the NPCs who don’t question the agenda behind anal sex; those who fervently shame women for not liking or partaking in it. 

What Is an NPC and Why Won’t They Question Anal Sex?

Now, what is an NPC? “NPC” is an acronym used in the gaming world for a “non-playable character.” NPCs range from the random townspeople walking around to the preprogrammed love interest the main character interacts with – basically all the characters in a game that are not the playable main character. 

In recent years, the term has spread into the general culture and has been adopted to encompass other “blind,” unthinking, sycophantic individuals following cultural trends. Digital Trends gaming forum explains, “In online communities and in-person, some people have been using NPC as an insult to describe individuals perceived as lacking independent thought or blindly following trends. It can describe people who may be perceived as generic, without any special characteristics that make them stand out (unlike the main playable character in a video game).”

They blindly follow the agenda of anal sex as being both “edgy” and “taboo” but fail to recognize it as neither.

People who have an affinity for anal sex and celebrate at the altar of pornographic sex are the latest NPCs. They blindly follow the agenda of anal sex as being both “edgy” and “taboo” but fail to recognize it as neither. If all people are or should be doing it, as they so loudly proclaim, and they dare not question it, then how are they not blind, unthinking NPCs?

Blindly following a damaging cultural trend doesn’t make the trend itself “cool” or worthy of imitating. And if you’re an NPC, you will blindly follow any trend or cultural shift, irrespective of whether it’s right or wrong. 

People who claim to enjoy anal sex very much react as NPCs toward those who choose to dismiss it. The shaming, the pressure to conform, and the alleged “prudery” surrounding women who don’t warm to it is all around us. The agenda is being pushed by robot-like people who can’t think for themselves. 

How To Avoid Becoming an NPC

Always remember, you don’t have to be an NPC and you don’t have to conform to crooked societal mores surrounding anal sex. In fact, it’s in your best interest as a woman not to do so. 

America is a free-thinking nation. In our own pursuit of happiness, we retain the right to not only protest but to question these ideas and bizarre trends – despite NPCs who blindly follow detrimental agendas put in place by “authorities.” 

If a man is pressuring you into anal sex, you have every right to say no and stand tall in your convictions. Among the women I coach, I see a micro-cultural shift as they are taking a more proactive approach in their relationships with men and they are getting the results they want. 

Chances are, the guy who is pressing you into doing anal will be pleasantly surprised to find a more decent girl who doesn’t buy into the NPC anal agenda. They delight in a girl who cares about her body and has more respect for herself and doesn’t need to insert foreign objects into her anus to “prove her worth” to a man.

I’ve found these convictions among women to be a net positive. They're having more beautiful, wholesome, loving, and promising relationships with men. 

You’re not relegated to being an NPC in this bastardized culture where romance, love, and commitment have fallen by the wayside to make room for anal sex. Any relationship with integrity, intimacy, and trust is not based on such absurd notions concerning where a man should insert his penis. 

Closing Thoughts

You are a woman. You are not a gay man who has anal sex. You are not required to follow NPC cultural lemmings off a cliff.

You can welcome love, intimacy, and passionate, fulfilling sex into your relationship with a man without having to do anal. And you can definitely question it should you find yourself in a tough spot from both NPCs and men who might be pressuring you to embrace anal sex. I invite you to think for yourself, as it’s clear that many people around you don’t and won’t. And your own agency is needed to help shift the cultural tide. 

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