Can Red Pill Men Finally Stop Calling Hot Women "Mid"?

Need followers fast? Easy! Just call a hot girl "mid" or say a slur.

By Nicole Dominique3 min read
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There are two easy ways to go viral on red pill X/Twitter: One, say a slur (as exemplified by the latest right-wing e-girl, Lilly Gaddis), or two, call a conventionally attractive woman “mid.” And just in case you don’t know what that word means, it’s used to describe someone as average or mediocre. 

Let me give you some examples.

By the way, I'm a little mean in this article. I'm just returning the same energy the commenters put out, and I'm in my luteal phase sorry in advance.

Meet the Women Who Are “Mid”

Last year, during the Barbie hype, Margot Robbie became the subject of the "mid" discourse on X/Twitter. Men who looked like they snuck their way into earth had the audacity to call the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, fit actress “mid.” 

Unfortunately, this trend of putting women down and placing their value on their looks hasn't died down yet.

More recently, the Marilyn Monroe was called mid on X – among other things. "can't believe how many men simped for this cow," wrote @0x49fa98, who urges people to lose weight in his bio while staying anonymous. 

User @RedpillAries also went after Sydney Sweeney's looks, writing, "This lady is super mid. Why is she so viral? Her boobs? Insane what excites people nowadays. Making all these airhead females famous & rich. Like sexyy red & such. Pure degeneracy."

Vince Langman, a self-described ex-con deplorable, shared his thoughts on Taylor Swift this week. "I'm I the only one who doesn't find Taylor Swift attractive in the slightest?" he asked. Other anonymous or older men agreed with Langman, stating that Swift is average at best. 

Even Knives Out star Ana De Armas isn't safe from criticism. "Ana de Armas is synonyms to Mid," wrote @WrutMessi.

Are these men entitled to their opinion? Sure, but honestly, you probably shouldn’t be looking like that while calling a naturally gorgeous woman ugly or mid. Please put all that energy into yourself instead of letting it go to waste. I mean, if men are such visual creatures like the manosphere spouts, then why do so many of them on X look that way? The handsome men in real life don't spend their time obsessing over a woman's looks.

Want Attention? Just Call a Hot Girl Mid

It’s become a trend to call beautiful celebrities mid because it gets engagement on social media. And I would bet that it feels good for an incel to disagree with the general consensus because, for once, they feel different. Special, even, as though they have 20/20 vision compared to everyone else. By calling a gorgeous and successful woman “okay,” you also get to stand out, and even if it’s only on the internet, this feels good for a little while. It's loser behavior, and I truly feel sorry for them at the end of the day.

A study from 2015 found that men who attacked women online are losers, as if we really needed research for that. Researchers examined the interactions between players during 163 games of Halo 3 and found that men who hurled more insults at female gamers were the worst players. Researchers believe that this behavior of men desperately trying to one-up women points to an "evolutionary argument." The theory is that "low-status men with low dominance have more to lose and are therefore more hostile to women who threaten their status in the social hierarchy," according to Time.

In a more recent study from 2023 published by The Journal of Sex Research, incels were more likely to exhibit misogynistic behavior. “This research marks a crucial step forward in understanding the problems incels face and represent in society," William Costello, the lead author and honorary research associate at Swansea University, explained.

"Unsurprisingly, incels have a low sense of their own mate value. But interestingly, evidence shows that men are most inclined toward misogyny when they doubt their appeal to female partners and that unwanted celibacy – independent of incel identity – predicts misogyny. The misogyny pervading much of the incel community likely reflects their low sense of mate value. This means that helping incels improve their own mate value and mating prospects would have the added benefit of reducing harmful instances of misogyny.”

This is me begging red-pill men to find something else to say and find new material. If you want to air out your grievances about struggling to find a wife or critique the damaging norms of the zeitgeist (i.e., hookup culture), fine. But trying to gaslight everyone into thinking a pretty girl is not attractive is getting boring. It's time to log off and stop projecting. Touch grass and work out since you're so masculine. At the very least, grow some hair.

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