Ask Evie: I’m Considering Getting Preventative Botox. Every Girl My Age Gets It, So Could It Really Be That Bad?

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By Evie2 min read

READER’S QUESTION: "I recently turned 26, and I'm considering getting preventative Botox. It seems like every girl my age gets it done, and they don't look crazy or different. Their skin looks super smooth, and I'm starting to get some wrinkle lines around my eyes and on my forehead, so I feel like getting a little bit will just help them smooth out and help my makeup lay better (like shaving my face does). I've never gotten it done before, and I know it's not that serious of a procedure, and it doesn't last that long, but I'm still scared I'll regret touching my face at all. Is it that dangerous/bad? What should I do?"

EVIE’S ADVICE: Before you undergo any kind of "tweakment," you should be crystal clear on your motivation. You've already implied a few reasons for wanting Botox: peer pressure, wrinkle reduction, and improved makeup application. Ask yourself if there is a deeper reason why you're considering getting Botox at 26. Are you afraid of looking older? If so, why is that? Or are the stated reasons really all there is to it?

Once you know your motivation, look at your concerns. Are you going to regret altering your face in the future? Are you going to have any adverse effects? These are tough questions to answer because they're about moments that haven't happened. Do your research on the mechanism of Botox, its potential side effects, and how long it lasts. Look at pictures of older celebrities and actresses and compare those who have done Botox, etc. with those who aged naturally. Also, consider if you want to try this as a one-time thing or if it might be the beginning of consistent Botox treatments (which could possibly lead to more and other procedures like filler or cosmetic surgeries). Do you want to invest the time and money into keeping up with it, and can you afford to?

Blanket self-acceptance is unhealthy, but attempting to change every single thing we feel a little bit insecure about is just as unhealthy.

The goal is to balance learning to accept ourselves (the things we might not like but can't change, like thin hair or aging) and reasonably addressing aspects that we can influence (like losing weight or dying our hair). Blanket self-acceptance is unhealthy (we all have flaws we could improve for our own betterment), but attempting to change every single thing we feel a little bit insecure about is just as unhealthy.

We promise that unless you’re a public figure constantly in front of the camera on a podcast or show, no one is noticing the few wrinkles you may have at this point. We are our own worst critics, and no one is going to look as closely or as critically at your face as you are. Everyone is dealing with their own insecurities and even if they do notice a wrinkle on you by chance, we promise you they aren’t spending their days ruminating on it. Sometimes, getting work done too soon or constantly stressing about what we need next or how we look compared to so-and-so makes us appear older.

Look into alternatives to Botox as a middle ground. Things like face yoga, mRNA therapy, peptides, red light therapy, and lymphatic facial massage can help ease the signs of aging and smooth out any facial texture you may be seeing. Or, if you aren’t yet investing in your skincare regimen, that would be an excellent place to start to help your skin look as healthy and youthful as possible. Having a quality cleanser, serum, and moisturizer is key. In the same breath, take a look at what your lifestyle choices are and how they might be affecting your skin. Are you a regular at your local tanning salon or spending hours basking in the sun to get the best tan? Are you overconsuming alcohol or sugar or processed foods that might be making your skin look tired and dull? It’s worth addressing the underlying causes of why you feel your skin isn’t in tip-top shape before advancing straight to tweakments as a fix-all. Since you aren’t 100% on board with getting Botox right now, we’d recommend trying out these tactics first and waiting a few years before you reconsider. 

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