65 Stylish Linen Pieces We're Adding To Our Wardrobes This Summer

A timeless summer staple that feels equally as luxe as it looks on our skin? There’s no question why linen is one of fashion stylists’ most chosen fabrics time and time again for the warmest months of the year.

By Anna Hartman1 min read

As I type this, my airy linen pants sway effortlessly with the walking pad under my desk. I wore them to the beach yesterday over my swimsuit, and today, I’m pairing them with an oversized white linen button-up shirt for virtual meetings during my WFH schedule. You could say they’ve quickly become the most coveted, most versatile piece in my summer wardrobe. Every time I slip into them, I feel like Sofia Richie in her iconic quiet luxury era, knowing that they give an air of sophistication without trying too hard. Needless to say, these pants and my go-to white button-up have made me realize that life would be a whole lot easier (and more comfortable) if my entire summer wardrobe were made up of this magical fabric. 

While my budget may not allow for an entire overhaul, there are a few key pieces I have my eye on this season that I know will mix and match easily and enhance my summer uniform. Linen has gotten somewhat of a bad reputation over the years for being frumpy, shapeless, or otherwise dull-looking from those who prefer a bit of fun in their clothing choices. And yes, if you search “linen dress” online, you’ll often come across countless shapeless designs in solid, natural colors that don’t exactly scream “feminine.” However, brands have more recently caught onto the desire for more stylish pieces that don’t compromise our health, and they’ve risen to the occasion. 

Let’s take a look at the most stylish and feminine linen pieces we’re adding to our wardrobes right now!

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