51 Of The Most Feminine Kitchen Essentials To Make Your Space Extra Cute

If a woman’s place is in the kitchen, shouldn’t it at least be cute?

By Anna Hartman1 min read

All joking aside, it wasn’t until my late 20s that I finally felt interested in cooking or baking. Prior to that, the idea of slaving over a hot meal after a long day at the office was the equivalent of a nightmare. You mean I have to find a recipe, buy the ingredients, prep everything, cook it, and then clean up after I’ve spent 10 hours either commuting in city traffic or clicking away in my depressing cubicle? No, thanks. 

And that worked for my husband and I until, well, it didn’t. Not only did take-out become more of what felt like a chore than a treat, but it was draining our wallets, lining our bellies, and making us feel absolutely miserable. When I finally made the decision to shift my mindset surrounding the kitchen, I was able to lean into my femininity and romanticize the task. One thing that made that shift exponentially easier? Finding the cutest kitchen essentials available. 

I’m an aesthetic girlie to my core, so if I need measuring spoons, you can bet I’m going to scour the internet for the prettiest set to make cooking that much more fun. If I need a pan to bake banana bread in, why would I choose the depressing gray one when I could get a pale pink pan that matches my outfit? 

With that in mind, if you’re looking for ways to turn your kitchen into the feminine space of your dreams (or just to make your Instagram story sharing the recipe you made for dinner that much cuter), you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started.

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