39 Feminine Tote Bags That Can Hold Everything

What’s better than a dress with pockets? A feminine tote bag that we can depend on to carry our lives in style.

By Anna Hartman1 min read

I don’t know about you, but having a tote bag is non-negotiable when I leave the house. How else would I expect to lug around my laptop, planner, sunglasses, a little snack, and multiple lip glosses – much less my actual essentials like my wallet, phone, and car keys? And when I leave the house with my kiddos, forget about it. There’s a whole extra section to my tote bag that needs to be filled. 

You could say that a backpack or giant diaper bag would be much more practical for my everyday use, but at the end of the day, I’m still a girl. A (self-proclaimed) fashionable girl at that. And if you think some giant ugly bag is going to ruin my perfectly curated outfit, you'd be sorely mistaken.

That's where the ultra-feminine tote bag comes in. It may not be a Chanel quilted double flap, but it still looks a heck of a lot better than a bulky backpack reminiscent of my middle school days. If you're in the same predicament (which I assume you are because, well, we're women and we've got stuff to carry), this shopping haul is for you. Let's take a look at 39 feminine tote bags that can hold everything.

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